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ZONG 4G Organized Blood Donation Drive

Zong Blood Donation

Islamabad (P), Pakistan’s No.-1 Data Network ZONG 4G has started its social campaign to give blood donations, collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital and Cancer Research Center (SKMCH & RC). The donation campaign was started from the ZONG 4G headquarters, by which ZONG 4G employees were encouraged to give blood donations to cancer patients.

The ZONG 4G staff and management volunteered voluntarily with donor blood donation, which was administered a temporary donation camp in the ZONG 4G headquarters. More recently skilled experts from the SKMCH & RC Volunteers provided useful information about the medical benefits and importance of blood donation. ZONG 4G and its employees consider their social responsibility for the well-being of society and are fully confident that they pay.

In this context, the passionate contribution to the ZONG 4G employees in this donation campaign is evidence of the fact that ZONG 4G and its employees are most likely to save the lives of patients with cancer or any other disease. ” ZONG 4G is determined to benefit from all around us. Through the start of this donation campaign, we are following our civilization and values to help the students of Madrid. Understand that mutual cooperation can create a positive impact on society, “said the company’s spokesman.

Due to its unique constructive activities, the goal of establishing a positive structural change in the country, in large numbers, has solved the commitment to solve social issues of various issues and to promote harmony in Pakistan, in the past, the “Zong 4G” New Hope ” Volunteers spent time with the children of cancer in SKMCH & RC, Lahore and they were scattered. The administration of the Shukatak Khanam Memorial Hospital and Cancer Research Center helped donate patients with cancer and help them with cancer. Zong 4G and his employees’ role in encouraging them to be encouraged.

Due to the start of the social campaign, ZONG 4G’s happy voice, Pakistan’s commitment to stability, eliminates the differences between society and eliminating the difference between all overlooked communities. And the aim of eradication of social auctions is determined.

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