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Scientists Resolved The Death Sentence of 33,000 Years Ago


New York (NNA) scientists have been able to solve the killer 33 years ago, killing the killer. According to the media report, scientists have been murdered 33,000 years ago after investigating the murderer. Two wounds on the scalp left by the left hand due to which his death occurred.

Research conducted at a university in Germany has been reported that a device used to be used for murder was used. Katherina Hararii, the senior researcher of the university, said that this could not be learned about the reasons for this murder. I can only be assumed.

The workers working in a mine phosphate in South Africa, Vienna, discovered this skull in 1941, along with 33 thousand years ago, the remains of stone equipment and bears were found.

The archaeologists had figured out that this skull was of an adult male, but researchers had always had a distinction on whether the marks on it were before or after that the skull was damaged. Now he also resolved that Haravati and his team long after the research and experiments have

Reached the conclusion that the person was killed by killing two people like two times and the killer wore Left arm was used. It also came to know that both the slaughter and murderer stood before the face, that is why the mark of the skull is right of the skull Are rough.

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