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Restaurants And Bakery Arrived At The FBR Radar, a Big Decision Was Taken


Karachi (NNA) restaurants and hotels in the town Qaida also came to the FBR radar, the FBR has decided to install modern software on Cash Counter to test their income.

According to sources, a modern software system will be used to monitor the profit-making restaurants by getting sales tax from the public, the FBR has been monitoring the billing and cash system of restaurants and hotels to monitor hotels and restaurants. The hotel has decided to install hotels in restaurants and restaurants. From July to July the sales tax rate has been reduced from 17 percent to 7.5 percent, but restaurants and bakery reduced the prices rather than moving the public. Has increased

Even before the restaurants have been receiving 17 percent sales tax and provincial taxes from the public, they have not collected them in the national treasury. FBR has a daily basis for data collection data collections to set up data tax. Has decided to set up a modern software that will be used.

This type of software is also being used in hotels in Islamabad, which has got better results. Sources said that this experience has also been decided to repeat in Karachi, help prevent theft of tax from the online management software. Will get

FBR’s management will be installed in software for software. According to the FBR officials, software installation would have the right tax on actual sales, list of 600 servers to tighten around the tax-stopping restaurants. It has been set up, with data acquisition of meat, vegetables, spices, and other accessories, these hotels to the bakery and restaurants will also be obtained from the suppliers so that the tax net can be expanded.

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