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Most Expensive Mobile Number of Rs 13 crore is What is the main thing in this number and who bought it?

most expensive mobile

NEW DELHI (NNI) – India’s billionaire businesswoman and eager to ‘VIP’ numbers recently bought a mobile phone number for nearly $ 1 million at an online auction in Dubai.

According to media reports, Balvinder Sahani’s renowned Abu Sabah purchased the mobile telephony number 0588888888 from the Emirates Telecom Company ‘Do’ for an online auction in 45 lakh 20 thousand dirhams. In US currency, this amount is $ 12,20,000.

Indian billionaire Sahani had previously purchased the vehicle’s VIP number D5 33 million in Durham in October 2016. Balvinder Sahani is the owner of an international real estate company. Several subsidiaries of this company are also established in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, India, and the United States.

Emirates Telecom Company sold 1,000 VIP phone numbers in an online auction in 2014, which was bought for around 80 million dirhams.

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