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More People Die Taking Selfies

New Delhi (NNI), most of India’s people have lost their lives in the interest of taking over the whole world. The second number in Russia is in Russia, third in the United States and Pakistan on the fourth.

According to Germany’s broadcasting agency, at least 259 people were killed while taking over the mid-October 2011 to November 2017, while only 50 people died in the risk of the most dangerous shark fish during the same period. Was hit

According to the report, due to such a large number of people’s deaths, the Indian government has banned many areas and places that are more dangerous than others.

According to the German Broadcasting Authority of India, there are 16 such places in Mumbai, India’s coastal city, where restrictions are being taken.

According to the report, the report said that most of the deaths in Russia are high-altitude buildings or some The bridge was in love with self-defense when most of the deaths in the United States led to high-rise from floods.

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