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Introduce The Power Of The World’s First Electric Plane, How Many Passengers Can Sit In This Plane?

electric plane

KARACHI (NNA) International Company Aviation introduced a power-powered aircraft and mourned in the world of technology. Airlines named Alice can fly up to 650 miles on the height of 10 thousand feet with 9 passengers. According to reports, the world’s first complete electric commercial aircraft was introduced in Paris’s Air Show, which is quite different from ordinary aircraft.

The lithium wool battery is mounted on this plane, which can travel up to 650 miles on a height of 10 thousand feet up to 276 miles per hour.

According to the company officials, the order of this electrical plane has also been found by an American company, Cap Air, and its first model will start commercial flights till 2022. This company is also developing such a major model.

In which a more powerful battery will be installed, which will be able to travel up to 738 miles. Although long-term flying planes for long-term flight is not possible, for short-term it will be useful, which will also help in controlling the problem of environmental pollution.


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