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Huawei’s Decision To End Depends On Android


Huawei’s decision to end depends on Android, What operating systems are being prepared to make is faster than Android

Beijing (online) China technology company, Huawei, decided to end up with the US softening of sanctions despite the softening of the world’s most popular mobile operating system Indoor. Renewed by Renwick Ren Xen Fai, the company’s own Hong Kong operating system Is faster and better. And we will drop the gradient system.

He said that Hong Kong operating system is up to 60% faster than Android and is not just specific to mobile phones. Operating system developed by Huawei Company will also be used in internet readers, information-saving centers, printed circuit boards, and automatic driving capabilities.

Zen Zen Fii said before making this system regular, Huawei will have to create his own store, which is in the final stages of preparation. He said that a bit of time to make the Huawei operating system a place in the market. Because Android and IOS are already available in the market and they get good developer support.

An international conference will be held this year to attract developers around the world, “said the founder of the Chinese products manufacturing company. The Chinese company’s new operating system will be launched early this year in China. Will be presented for consumers worldwide in 2020.

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