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How Long Can The Public Decide To Start 5G Technology In Pakistan? Government Status Will Come Forward.


KARACHI (CNN) introduced the introduction of 5G technology in the world, the reason for the American ban on airwave is the monopoly on the company’s FGG technology, which is why it is capable of introducing it to the world.

Although Pakistan has traditionally been behind the world in the field of Internet, regarding 5G technology, it is included in some of the countries in the world that are launching it. The Pakistan Television Communications Authority (PTA) The FG has provided a framework for introduction to Pakistan.

In the number of internet users in Malak, intelligent districts Due to the speed and desire of fasting, there is an environment to introduce 5G here for air, due to which it is likely to be popular in popularity. This technology developed by the company is due to its rapid growth and sound and image.

Due to the delay in delay, the ability to bring revolution to the whole world is as per the PTA. In the beginning, it will be launched on an unusual basis at the beginning so that it can be seen before spreading the whole country.

Has decided that he will invite all such companies from securities and services in the process Exchange Commission will be registered in Pakistan (SECP) or Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

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