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Facebook Suspended 350 Accounts Supporting The Saudi Government

facebook accounts block

Riyadh / New York (NNI): Facebook, the world’s largest social website, has suspended 350 fake accounts for allegedly supporting the Saudi government for the first time. The fake Facebook accounts run by Iran and other Middle East countries were closed.

According to a foreign news agency, the Facebook administration August 1 suspended the Saudi Arabian government’s propaganda on Facebook and the accounts allegedly used against regional rivals. According to the Facebook administration, the accounts were suspended. They were allegedly operating people belonging to the Saudi government.

The accounts and pages that were suspended were allegedly endorsed by the Saudi government and propagated by their political propaganda. Facebook did not explicitly say what kind of Saudi government propaganda through those accounts. And was targeted by some of Saudi Arabia’s regional rivals through these accounts. However, on the other hand, the Saudi government has refused to recognize the suspended accounts.

The statement sent by the Saudi government to the British news agency said that Facebook suspended accounts have nothing to do with the government or its affiliates. The government has nothing to do with the propaganda spread through these accounts.

It should be noted that Facebook suspended 783 suspicious and fake accounts of Iran between February and March this year. These accounts were suspended due to anti-Saudi content. Supporting accounts have also been suspended, and it is thought that other Middle East countries will also suspend accounts promoting fake and propaganda.

In the Middle East, over the past decade, the spread of certain propaganda and campaigning rivals has been increasing by creating fake accounts on Facebook and other social media websites, including Twitter, especially after the Arab Spring. Countries have seen an increase in fake social media accounts and it is thought that many countries are running dozens of accounts under the spread of propaganda on social media against each other.

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