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Earth Can Be Destroyed In Three Ways? Experts’ Innovative Disclosures


Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) The essence and examination of the events in the universe are essential for the end of one day and the end of the day. There are often many predictions and tests coming out of the end of the world.

Gravity is so powerful that the light does not get out of it and it looks like a dark circle outside, scientists say though it is not possible, if our earth falls in a black hole in some way It will be lost in three ways.

According to the first theory, the trees, mountain buildings and we ourselves will be very tall like sweets. If a person goes on in a black hole by a human foot, the feet will be tall and the arms will be stretched too.

It will be for just a few seconds, then it will be destroyed and so on, all the items including earth will become like fibers, then all the substances will be collected on the Black Holes (Event Horizon) and will be shaken and the dark light will be removed while Black There will be full darkness inside the hole.

According to the other theory, whatever substance near Black Hole can be collected on its surface and it starts to shrink before it can be done, and thus the dark light and radius (radicals) ) According to the theory, substance and other goods will not be destroyed after typing with special types of black holes, but they will become a bad copy (copy) which is always there forever. It will remain and it is called hologram of the specialist.

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