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Cyber Attacks In Russia, Hackers Stole Highly Valuable Data

Cyber Attacks In Russia

Moscow (online) hackers have gained access to the National Bank of Information Technology Program data by attacking the largest cyber bar in Russia. Hackers have stolen up to 7.5 TTR-bit data by influencing Russia’s Federal Security Agency contractor company, C-Tech’s banking company, according to the foreign news agency.

This data is related to IT sector projects that are being implemented in the recommendation of Russia’s Federal Security Agency. These projects include plans to separate the global network to the Internet Internet service and collect information through social media.

Hackers posted some pictures in the cinematographers by influencing CCT company’s data bank on July 13. Hackers provided another Hacker group called Hacked Information Digital Revolutions, which later released them. It is said that it is the largest cyber-attack ever done on Russia’s intelligence jeans service.

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